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See the universe in your heart..
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hello, I am Monika, or Crystal-Dream, or also known as JamaiDark from
I am a plushie knitter,love to draw my own manga called "Eternal Purity" and have also took a liking into fandubbing.
I am a fan of Sonic the hedgehog, but also like YuGiOh GX and 5Ds so much, as well as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and some more.
Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

My Girlfriend: :iconpuschelhuhn:

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Favourite genre of music: Dance/Trance/House
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Mewtwo, Kiryu, Yubel, Aki, Juudai, Arukenimon and Mummymon
Personal Quote: See the universe inside your heart..

Secondary account: thesecretgalaxy (DON'T go there if you can't bear Yaoi/Yuri)

Back in Germany

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 1:49 AM
  • Mood: Alienated
  • Playing: Pokemon Shuffle
I am back in Germany now, and everything is just so weird. Yesterday evening after arriving home, everything felt so warm and had such a glow to it, but at the same time it just felt so extremly prison-like to me. Everything back home is so tight, and my brother and me now resent the fact that we have to share one room, which is just not enough for two adult people with all of their belongings. I don't even know where to keep my souvenirs from Canada. So for the time being, I am resting a bit from my flight, polishing my master thesis, which has to be turned in on next Tuesday at my home university, and also cleaning up my room and trying to find a solution to the ever present problem of not having enough space.

I miss Vancouver, I really do. The kind of freedom I had there was so unparalleled to everything I ever experienced before, so having to go back to how things were before will take some adjustment. But, this motivates me to looking for a job, or maybe even a PhD position. And a new place to live. I really want to move out permanently.

The one good thing is that back at home, there is a steadily functioning computer! The constant battle in the last months was just keeping my laptop computer alive so that I could even write my thesis, but it constantly crashed, which was quite the problem.

Anyways, I will be back to business again soon. :) Hope all is going well for you all too!


Mega Evolution by Crystal-Dream
Mega Evolution
I am posting so much Mewtwo lately, more than ever before!
Anyway, now with the new Pokemon mechanic of Mega Evolution, Mewtwo can mega-evolve into either Mega Mewtwo X or Mega-Mewtwo Y. Here, I wanted to draw him mega-evolving into his X form.
The stone that he needs in order to do so is in the form of a necklace. I have obtained a necklace that lets me put any gemstone into it (like a piece of amethyst), so I think such a thing would also work for a mega stone.
The Past with Mewtwo part 7 by Crystal-Dream
The Past with Mewtwo part 7
So yeah, bascially, who doesn't want to look at this can click the back button now.

In any case, this is like, the most self-indulgent of all comic pages so far, and the Monika from around 2003 would have rather died than ever posted such a thing online. Anyway, even if Mewtwo is an idea of love, I feel like there is no way that a return to living an imaginary love is possible, even more so once you have known love in the real waking life. An ideal love in the internal world of your own mind is not enough any more, and so you will continue to seek true love in the reality you really inhabit.

Your guardian angel will still be important to you, even if you might eventually outgrow him.

Next: -
The Past with Mewtwo part 6 by Crystal-Dream
The Past with Mewtwo part 6
I also decided to feature some of the Mewtwo fans that I have seen around DeviantArt. When I was in middle school, I thought that being in love with Mewtwo was just my own dirty little secret. But, now on DeviantArt, I have seen that I am by far not the only one, and I kinda wanted to draw some of the other fans with their Mewtwo.

It is fascinating, how an idea can form a life of its own in one's mind. Think about it: Someone thought up this figure named Mewtwo, thought up his story and then made the idea of him available to many in the media through the form of a film. Through that, Mewtwo found his way as an idea in the minds of many, but additionally took on a new form in each new mind - others saw him as just another character. Some others thought of him as interesting,  and some even as "hot", and then there were some for whom Mewtwo took on the form of a life-saving idea. In my case, in the mind of an 11-year old emotionally abused child who sometimes wished to never even wake up again, Mewtwo represented the idea of Love. That, even if her own parents shunned her and no one showed her love, at least he lived in her mind and told her the three little words they wouldn't. He took on the form of a role-model, and this child wished to become just as strong as him and emulate him. He was the idea of encouragement when the child only faced rejection.

I wonder what kind of idea Mewtwo is in the minds of these women.
To sandrake (seen here on the upper right), I am sure Mewtwo was also a form of encouragement and an idea of love; but I cannot be too sure, since I never really knew her, except from what she has drawn in her gallery. But what I have seen from the pictures is a certain similarity, little things that remind me of situations in my own life.
In the down right corner are Mitt and Mewtwo, Mitt being an OC of TeethThatMayBite who also is featured in her own little comic with Mewtwo. Though it seems she left Deviantart?
On the upper left we see a character of Mayplefly, featured in the comic "How to be a Mewtwo fangirl"
And on the lower left we see Linda, character of Metros2soul ; Linda was also a character that was lonely, met Mewtwo and fell in love with him, which is written about in the fanfic "Behind Cloaked Freedom".

I would have taken the chance to draw even more fanart for some other Mewtwo-Fans ( like Nell-tu-lover ), but I could only fit four of them on this comic page. Sorry about that.



We are close to the end of the comic, I swear!
The Past with Mewtwo part 5 by Crystal-Dream
The Past with Mewtwo part 5
So, I finally got my tablet again, which means I can actually sit down and try to continue this VERY self-indulgent comic of mine, hopefully to its completion.
DeviantArt has been really really empty lately.
But anyway, continuing where we left off, I finally realized what Mewtwo really is in my mind. And I realized about myself the fact that I have been emotionally abused by my parents, especially by my mother, whom I discovered to be a narcissist. My stay in Canada, contrasted with how I am living life back in Germany, has helpfully enough shown that to me. Now that I identified the problem, I can actually get the right treatment and heal from this. But back when I didn't know what it was that caused so much strife in my life, especially in relationships, Mewtwo was in a way something that gave me a little bit of hope when things seemed hopeless, during the time I was 11-16 years old. Narcissists do not show any praise, empathy or love towards their relatives. So before having to grow up entirely unloved, in my mind, Mewtwo took on the form of someone who would love this lonely child. I have found out that adult children of narcissistic parents have problems with trusting and opening up to people around them, not being able to form closer relationships out of fear of being backstabbed - what if Mewtwo in my mind has been there to diminish the negative effects of this kind of upbringing?
In any case, he was a symbol of hope to me. But oh boy, I am sure he was that not only to me.

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