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This is all the fanart of Eternal Purity that I have gotten do far.

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Should i open up drawing comissions? Would anyone of you be interested? 

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Features Or Pics I really like


YGO! 5D's - Az en rozsam by Ayi-sanFaithshipping - Obstacles by KarniMollyEP fanarts - Cecern by DylanIsntHereLight's and darkness' game by YunakiDrawSunset in YGO 5D by YunakiDrawgift for my friend crystal :D by PuschelhuhnKiryu x Aki - Bitter Sweet by KarniMolly:thumb119640803:Ruin by Sepsku+Use Your Magic+ by KrisiChikiYubel and Judai by SERENOA

KIAKI! :heart:
Kiryu Aki KiAki



It's shoutbox time._If you'll excuse my rhyme,_We can train, again, to explain, the miraculous refrain,_in the form of pantimime.
Tue Oct 25, 2011, 8:48 AM
I don't know either.... YOU were the one that said it.... ^^; :XD:
Sun Oct 17, 2010, 10:18 PM
*liebe gre reingepinselt* <3 :D
Mon Sep 6, 2010, 1:22 PM
XD Naaah, I don't think so. I just wonder how a shoutbox, a non-living thing, can actually be raped...
Mon Aug 9, 2010, 9:41 AM
It IS?!!?? man, I think I'm in the wrong place...!
Sat Aug 7, 2010, 4:25 PM
The shoutbox is there to be raped, LOL
Tue Aug 3, 2010, 9:48 AM
shoutbox raep
Mon Aug 2, 2010, 4:05 PM
it ticks me off so much..especially since the arukenimon flute an pic were fairly used..i just didn't want to deal with dA staff sending me 30 notes saying that i have violated copyright and am going to be banned
Sat May 29, 2010, 11:26 AM
You might remember me as multipleanimeartpics, i'm the guy with the arukenimon yugioh cards, i had to deactivate my account cuz people were sening dA false copyright violations for the cards i made when i had permission
Sat May 29, 2010, 11:24 AM
that is weird, because they are there.. you should be able to see them, if not, i could give you the direct links to them.
Fri Feb 26, 2010, 10:12 AM

Fanfiction quotes, which randomly are in my head. XD

"Without her, there is nothing worth living...How could he kill her, and how could i do nothing against it??" "I love her more than everything, she just never came around to realize it and before she did, she already died." - Mummymon

"He is an idiot, how can I be in love with such an idiot??" "But you are. deep down inside, you are and you know it. It is just that you are afraid of your feelings that is all. you fear weakness, and you think that weakness are feelings. However, you fail to understand that feelings mean strenght." "But how could I be in love with him?" "You knew him practically your entire life. You enjoy to be with him, don't you?" "Y..yes, maybe I do." - Monika and her partner Arukenimon

„Mein Herz singt ein Lied, ein Lied... Meine Liebe, die ich dir niemals hatte zeigen können, gerade als ich gestorben bin. Eine zweite Chance zu wünschen, darf ich das überhaupt noch?“

"For I am the part of you which fears to be weak and have a weak heart..."
"For I am the part of you which hates his uglyness and wished for a beauty to fulfill his soul..."
"For I am the one filled with emptiness, searching for a meaning in this world to overcome the blackness of the towers I am made of..."
"For I am the one longing to see the world I always wished to see, together with a friend that is long gone. I am living in a dream that died, and still somehow, lives on to wither again..."
- This is our end... in the end, nobody of us will live. For when dreams die, for when hope dies and love dies, there is no turning back for us. This will be ... our DEAD END

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Crystal-Dream's Profile Picture
See the universe in your heart..
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hello, I am Monika, or Crystal-Dream, or also known as JamaiDark from
I am a plushie knitter,love to draw my own manga called "Eternal Purity" and have also took a liking into fandubbing.
I am a fan of Sonic the hedgehog, but also like YuGiOh GX and 5Ds so much, as well as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell and some more.
Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

My Girlfriend: :iconpuschelhuhn:

Expert by HiddenCookie German Level Expert Stamp by Xenophilith USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

Favourite genre of music: Dance/Trance/House
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Mewtwo, Kiryu, Yubel, Aki, Juudai, Arukenimon and Mummymon
Personal Quote: See the universe inside your heart..

Secondary account: thesecretgalaxy (DON'T go there if you can't bear Yaoi/Yuri)

My Deviantart Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 1:39 PM
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Mysterious Universe Podcasts
  • Reading: Scientific Papers on PAPP-A2
  • Watching: Persona 4 Golden Animation
  • Playing: Pokémon White
  • Eating: Blueberries and Blackberries
So, I have seen this going around here on DeviantArt and it might be too late for me to join in, but who cares.
Now, the bigger question is how and where do I begin? Does the story involve only the pictures I posted, or the journals too, which turned out to be like very irregular public diary entries that can be read by anyone who comes by. The total stranger. The close friend. The acquaintance. The former lover. The current lover.
Why do I even share so much of my life here? Does it even matter?
I have been reading through my older journals and it hits me that it reads like these journals were written from another person entirely, but alas, I remember writing these and I remember the things they describe from my own life, sometimes the silly things, as the cosplays and the fun with that, but then also serious things, like about the death of family members.
I also have to giggle about how my past self was like. Maybe still is, even now.
And even if the journals are like a public diary, they still do not contain everything. So much is missing that I would like to have said, but will never be able to say out loud.

But let's not waste any more space here and begin:
I have been here for... 9 years now. I have gotten the account made by Zoe Stiel, a girl that I met over at, which was the first forum I joined and posted pictures on. It was so exciting to find yet another place to post your pictures on and have many more people look at your art!
But nowadays I am a little bit ashamed of how my art looked like back then, but I realize that it was all a necessary step to take to get better in the long run.

I think this art of my character Jamai was the very first one I posted on DevArt:
Angel of Darkness Jamai by Crystal-Dream

Jamais past--Being created by Crystal-DreamJamai's first picture by Crystal-Dream Jamai's past, future and now by Crystal-Dream Lost Hope by Crystal-Dream
I loved to draw her a lot back then, but I was also hugely into everything Sonic the hedgehog related, but mostly my own OCs, that soon got their own adventure called "Eternal Purity".
The first pages look like shit though, but got better over time. However, ever since I entered university, I was not able to make pages on a regular basis, so it is unknown if I will ever be able to finish it, but it has been a good thing to draw and helped me to improve a lot:
Eternal Purity page1 by Crystal-Dream Eternal Purity page 7 by Crystal-Dream Eternal Purity pages 676-677 by Crystal-Dream Eternal Purity pages 434-435 by Crystal-Dream
Eternal Purity pages 498-499 by Crystal-Dream Eternal Purity pages 516-517 by Crystal-Dream Eternal Purity pages 742-743 by Crystal-Dream

A huge problem to me was though that I really loved using watercolours and the paper was too thin for that usage. The following is an example of it (you can see the lighter spots that show where the paper wasn't properly on the scanner due to the paper getting wavy after the water contact):
22 Mother Nature by Crystal-Dream 84_Out Cold by Crystal-Dream Syprin the Fairy by Crystal-Dream In His World by Crystal-Dream

I really liked the years 2006/2007 though, where I re-started plush work. It is after all not only drawing that is going on here! I remember I started with making my own Shadow and Silver plushies, but then also added Spitz and made an Ashworth. Spitz has clothing on that was made by my now deceased grandmother, she was amazing at sewing.
ASHWORTH'S LAST PHOTO by Crystal-Dream Master of Plushies 1 by Crystal-Dream My own Shadow Plushie by Crystal-Dream
I continued making OC plushies, but soon enough came away from making Sonic character plushies (not that I wouldn't like to do it again if someone wanted me to though) and I started with YuGiOh Character plushes once I entered the YuGiOh phase.
Jack - finished plushie by Crystal-Dream Kiryu Kyosuke 2nd plushie by Crystal-Dream Rua collage by Crystal-Dream

Of course, there were also the first pictures of YuGiOh GX, mainly with... Yubel and Juudai, because I fell in love with them after watching the Japanese version with english subs for the first time ever.
This also meant that I started to use digital drawing programs for the first time. My first program that I really loved and still use today was SAI, even though I didn't use more than one layer at first because I had no concept of layers.
Lust And Desire by Crystal-Dream Traum- Yume - Cover by Crystal-Dream Your arms right around me by Crystal-Dream

What I really grew to be fond of are traditional/digital hybrid pictures. I still love doing those occasionally:
Hey Pretty Miss by Crystal-Dream Sleepy Couple by Crystal-Dream

Then I got hit by a Digimon wave, plush-wise as well as picture-wise.
Mukeni fluff plushie style by Crystal-Dream Terriermon the plushie by Crystal-Dream Gomamon the plushie by Crystal-Dream
White Floor by Crystal-Dream A New Day by Crystal-Dream The Digimon Afterwards Tamers by Crystal-Dream

Besides "Eternal Purity", I started a million other crossover comics without ever finishing one of them, which is not something I am proud of, but it just seems to me like I begin projects without thinking them through entirely. Or there are a million aspects I have forgotten about that should be added to the story or something and that cannot be changed any more.
SoD Shadows Loss by Crystal-Dream YSS page 21 by Crystal-Dream YSSWG- Enter Kiryu and Aki 014 by Crystal-Dream

In any case, this brings me to today.
I actually started to utilize drawing stick figures as the basis for poses before refining these and this has led me to draw characters with improved anatomy. It's still not flawless, but a step forward.

Digimon: Afterwards by Crystal-Dream Aquarius Boys by Crystal-Dream Mother Dragon by Crystal-Dream Resting under a tree by Crystal-Dream The dark Office by Crystal-Dream

And plushies are also improving!
Cyclonus Plush by Crystal-Dream Darkrai plushie number 2 by Crystal-Dream Mane Six, Spike and Discord by Crystal-DreamGabumon plushie by Crystal-Dream

So, with this huge flood of pictures, I am going to conclude this journal entry. :)
Things can only get better from here on out!
Thanks to everyone who is sticking with me and everyone who has been part of this journey, no matter for how long. You are not forgotten.

And if you have been once loved, you are always loved, for love never fades, like knowledge. And the universe never forgets.


Digimon Afterwards - Arukenimon Profile by Crystal-Dream
Digimon Afterwards - Arukenimon Profile
I just felt like drawing Arukenimon and Monika and their difference in height, but then it developed into something more, also showing the Digivice of my self-insert character and the digivolution line of Arukenimon in my fanfiction "Digimon Afterwards".
Haha, I wouldn't want any other Digimon than THE Arukenimon.
Also, I want her to be back so so much. Even if to just give her a chance for redemption. There was so much about them that was never really explored and that should be explored.

There are already stories out there about her and Mummymon coming back to life again and living out their lives together in their own adventures, but I wanted to go a route with them having human partners in this one AU. Cue the self-inserts of me and my girlfriend (who wants none other than Mummymon as her partner :D )


Monika finds Arukenimon, as she hatches out of an egg as a Leafmon. A very terrified Leafmon whose last memories are still fresh and involve her own death at the hands of Malomyotismon. Since Arukenimon has nowhere else to go, she sticks with the human girl who found her, while trying to piece together what has happened since her death. She provides Monika with the clue that there was something that happened in Japan involving beings of another world and that there might be more humans out there with Digimon partners, which is a carefully kept secret. But who Arukenimon really wonders about is Mummymon and his fate, so this is one more reason why the two set out on an adventure to find him.

Her Digivolution line is as follows:
Leafmon -> Minomon  -> DoKunemon -> Dokugomon -> Arukenimon -> ResidalArukenimon (true stage)
                                                                                                         -> Parasimon  (digivolution gone wrong)

(haha, didn't find the space on the paper to actually draw Minomon)
( :iconpuschelhuhn: has already created a Burst Mode for ResidalArukenimon too! :D )

Arukenimon is very impulsive, easy to anger and has not really much patience, while Monika has lots of that in contrast. Arukenimon has also very much pride, and at first cannot believe that she has a human partner now (because in her eyes, this is such a lowly thing). On the other hand, she is more than glad to have someone to obey which gives her back some familiarity, as she used to obey the orders given by Yukio Oikawa in her previous life. Arukenimon still tries not to think too much about the bigger questions, even if with the start of a second life, there is so much to be considered.
Arukenimon's problem is  that she denies her feelings to the extreme, bottling them all up in the process. Being taught (possibly through severe abuse in her first life) that feelings are weakness, she doesn't acknowledge the shadows lurking in her subconscious until they come back to haunt her.

Monika is a 20 year old student in Biology attending university. She is very understanding of Arukenimon and develops a knack for guessing very well how her partner feels. When Arukenimon rages again, Monika calms her down with rational arguments. While Arukenimon thinks of feelings as a weakness, Monika's problem is that she overthinks everything so much that she doesn't really allow herself to feel. She is also very hard on herself at times. Out of the three girls in the group, Monika is the researcher - what she wants is to find the truth. If there is something secret and hidden, she wants to know more about it. Even if she is afraid of something, she will still try to overcome her fear and try anyway.
One quirk of her is that she calls Arukenimon by "Arukenimon" no matter on what stage of the Digivolution line her partner currently is on.

Would they have a crest, their sign would be "Determination".



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